Srivastava Kumar & Co.

Chartered Accountants

Srivastava Kumar & Co. is a professionaly managed Chartered Accontant firm which commenced its operations in 1991. Incorporated by five partners, the firm aims to maintain high standards of professionalism and quality in its service.

Backed with an experience of 25+ years, we have been able to expand our office and operations to Delhi NCR, Srinagar in India and to Ontario in Canada and are empanelled with C&AG and RBI. Our firm is peer reviewed and we are eligible to do peer review as well.

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Empanelments & Certifications

Empanelled with C&AG

Empanelled with Comptroller and auditor general (CAG) of India vide Empanellment No. 005686.

Empanelled with RBI

Empanelled with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) vide Empanellment No. 005536.

Peer Reviewer

Conducts peer reviews of other CA Firms vide Peer Reviewed Certificate No. 005686.

Peer Reviewed

Peer Reviewed Firm Vide.


Representation before Revenue Authorities
Representation before Tax Authorities

Specialization in representation before Direct & Indirect Tax Authorities including assessments, appeals and tribunals.

Goods & Services Tax
GST Consultancy

Specialization in Goods & Services Tax Migration, Compliances and Advisory.

Compliance & Advisory
Compliances & Advisory

Statutory compliances including TDS, Advance Tax, Customs, GST, Secretarial, etc.

Corporate Services
Corporate Services

India Entry Services, Due Diligence, Cost Management and Project Finance are our core areas in this field.


25+ years of experience of audits of 30+ industries. Specialisation in Statutory Audits, Internal Audits, Special Assignments.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Access your documents on the go. Download your important documents on your smartphone / laptop at anytime from anywhere.